Ostomates receive products on a schedule approved by the Department of Health. There are monthly or annual allowances on the number of items a member can receive. If you require a product not listed on the schedule, you will have to pay the full price. People temporarily travelling overseas are entitled to up to six months’ advance supply if they provide proof of travel arrangements to the association.

Ostomates who hold a Department of Veterans’ Affairs entitlement number have their costs covered by that department. People holding permanent resident status (migrant) must live in Australia to be eligible for benefits. Information about migrant eligibility can be found on the DHS: Medicare website.

More information about the Stoma Appliance Scheme and your entitlements can be found
here: [LINK to http://australianstoma.com.au/resources/sas-information/]
[LINK: http://www.health.gov.au/internet/main/publishing.nsf/Content/Stoma+Appliance+Scheme-3’